Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wore: Flowers in Her, on Her Legs

I did it!  I did it!  I got another pair of printed leggings.  Yep, I'm going wild with this new found freedom.  LOL

Dress: Torrid
Leggings: Hot Topic
Shoes: Hot Chocolate Designs
I know... a whole three pairs now.  I'm livin' on the edge, wild child that I am. ;)

I will admit that these are not my favorites of the 3 but they are nice for a change from safe basic black.

Also with these, the bagginess around my ankles is a lot more noticeable.  I could down a size for them to fit my lower legs and my waist better but I'm scared that my hips and thighs won't fit if I do that.

You can't see the tops of the leggings.  They look like a wide screen version of the bottoms.  :)

I also dug out one of my favorite necklaces that doesn't get as much air time as the rest because it's dangerous.  LOL

 And it's reversible!

I can't remember where I got this because it was such a long time ago.  There are a lot of other versions of it online, though.

It's very light weight but the corners and edges are SHARP!  I even filed them down a bit when I first got it.

How does the saying go?  Beauty is pain?  Good thing I have masochistic tendencies.  Drinking super fizzy soda after eating Captain Crunch or really cold ice cream is my favorite. :D

I found out the hard way that wearing this for a night out with friends at a bar, either way, brings a lot of creepy unwanted attention.  My response is usually a blush-filled "I have to go over there now."  Sadly, I'm usually not the quickest when it comes to picking up double-entendres and innuendos except for the ones that a 12-year-old would giggle at.

Do you have any favorite accessories that you don't wear as often as you'd like?  What's your reason?


  1. That is a risque pendant! I have some pendants I rarely wear but my reason for that is very boring: they are made of silver and I hate the smell of it.

  2. I had to double-take on those leggings, I didn't notice the skulls on those, that's nifty and cute!
    Leggings do the same thing to me; I just pin along my ankle to blend the seam, and serge the excess off, makes for a perfect fit =D

    I own too much that I don't wear... I should, but I make things for the love of making them, not necessarily for the love of wearing them lololol.

  3. Haha you should have flipped it to closed when you got that attention. But honestly if a dude wanted to sexualize anything, he could find a way. Unfortunately I have some jewelry that is a bit cultural-appropriate-ly (is there an adj for that?). I wear those only with certain outfits now so I don't look too imperialist. I also have some that are too uncomfortable to wear or only fit with one neckline.

  4. *knocks* Are you open? Can I get just one thing? Please? I'll be really quick. *bangs on the door*

  5. Cool necklace! I’d always have it on Closed haha! Love hidden skull prints!