Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wore: My Diet Finally Paid Off

Happy Halloween
Blessed Samhain!

Bow: Hot Topic
Necklace: Wish
Dress: Torrid
Shrug: Jessica London
Arm warmers: Wish
Leggings: Hot Topic online
Shoes: Hot Chocolate Designs

I went with an easy option for Halloween at work this year.  Everything is from my wardrobe, just some things don't get worn as often as others. :)  It was kind of funny when I realized I have a skeleton costume built right into my wardrobe.  LOL

We don't have any real plans for tonight except dinner, movies and hopefully a couple of trick-or-treaters.

What are/were your Halloween plans?


  1. Oh my god, eat a sandwich! You're nothing but skin and bones!

    1. Oh, I couldn't possibly! I had half a grape for lunch and I am *stuffed*!

  2. The pieces fit together really well! I don't celebrate Halloween, but I think your card arrived just in time, I'll check the parents' mail tomorrow :)

  3. That's so awesome! I'm glad that you dressed up for work... No one dressed up at my office!

    1. We only had 4 people on my floor but I barely count 2 of them because they just wore headbands with ears for part of the day. :P I have dressed up in some way every Halloween for all of my life. One place I worked at didn't allow costumes so I "dressed up" in my fanciest clothes instead. :D

  4. Allll the bones! Love the hair bow!