Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Shared: Cat Love Cross Stitch

One of my oldest co-workers, Susan, is like me in that she likes to keep her hands busy when she is watching TV.  So she crochets scarves and blankets, mostly.  I needed stocking stuffers this year so I bartered with her for a cross stitch in exchange for a bunch of her scarves.

Since she is a cat lady, this is what I made for her:

Sorry for the crappy phone pic :P

It's not my design but I did come up with the pattern from this original:

You can buy the original pattern on Etsy

I think I came pretty close just going by the picture. :)  The best part, though, is Susan loved it!  She has it hanging in her cubicle!

Andy photobombing Susan and I at the wedding :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wore: What's Black and White with a Red Bottom?

The Answer:  ME!

And not in the naughty way, cheeky monkey.  I'm talking about my outfit and shoes. ;-)

It's actually been chilly here in Atlanta the past week or so, so I've been wearing one of my favorite scarves quite a bit.  Actually, strike that.  It's been cold.  It was 18°F / -8°C when we left for work this morning.  I am so glad I got a new winter coat!

I am so glad the hustle and bustle of the last 2 months is behind me.  I am still so tired, though!  It never occurred to me how much work it would be to put together a wedding, family reunion weekend and Christmas/Yule celebration all at the same time.  But we got it done and I was even able to still make a few of my holiday gifts this year.  The theme/project for this year was cross stitch.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before I gave them away so all I have is the one I made for Andy.

It's his favorite quote from "The Departed" :)

I also made my Mom one that says "F*ck the dumb shit" but I'm not 100% convinced she liked it.

I am not one to make New year's resolutions but I've decided that instead of playing random games on my phone or tablet while we unwind in front of Netflix at night, I'm going to design and make some cross stitch pieces.  That way I'm at least being kind of productive when I should be doing chores. :D

Also in the works for this year: opening an Etsy shop to sell my Bearly Dreadfuls.  I don't have any left since they were all used as centerpieces for the wedding so I'll be working up a small inventory first.

Question for you: if you saw the Bearly Dreadfuls  online, what price would you think is reasonable?  I don't want to overprice them but I don't want to undersell, either.  Each one takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

Hope you have a fabulous 2018!  I know I plan to. :)

After they've been up for months, Sidia finally discovered the shelves I put up in the bathroom.
She spent a long time trying to figure out the screws that hold this into the wall.
Thank goodness she does not have opposable thumbs.  Or a screwdriver.