Friday, October 20, 2017

Craft Along with GIY: Black & White (Black Lace Skull shirt)

I love Bane's Craft Alongs!  It's even more fun to participate. :)  This month, her theme was Black & White so I took the opportunity to do an easy refashion.

I did not take a before picture but I had this black and white striped tee with a black lace collar that I got during the "Before Time" when I was trying to go unnoticed.  I rarely wore it, though, because it was too flashy for me back then.  LOL

Shirt: Woman Within many years ago
Black lace skull: Etsy
Even after I started to dress more like me, it rarely got worn because I'm not a fan of boxy t-shirts in general.  I bought some lace skull appliques off Etsy a while back and decided that the black one would work well on this shirt since it had the crocheted lace collar on it already.

It was a super simple but time intensive process to hand sew it on so I just parked myself in front of some scary movies for a Sunday and was able to get it done.  Now it's a shirt that I will at least wear more often.  :)

This wasn't part of the Craft Along but it's something else that I made:

I ordered the pendant from Firemountain Gems and used a couple of broken necklaces to get the parts to string it.


  1. Love the top and charm; the skull definitely adds interest to the stripes!
    I need to get working on my project, this month has flown by.

  2. It looks like it was there all along! Love it!

  3. Ah I love your use of this applique! Upcycling is perfect ;D
    I had been eyeballing the same appliques, except I haven't quite decided where I would use it. Great stuff =D

  4. Stupendous! You are a master seamstress!

  5. Great idea. I llove appliques at the momment. Its such .easy transformation but its creates an entirely new look.

  6. Wow you can't tell it's a diy great idea!

  7. Very nice! The applique is perfect with the lace collar. :)

  8. Great improvement! It really makes the top fancier!