Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Shared: I got married, y'all!

Sorry for the sudden disappearance!  Things got so hectic before the wedding, especially since I was also putting together a family reunion and holiday celebration for that same weekend. 

But everything went off without any major glitches, a fun weekend was had by all (well, most LOL), and the end result was a marriage.  I call it successful. :)

I have more of a post planned but it will likely be after the first of the year.

In the meantime, here a few sneak peek snapshots others took the day of the wedding.  We should get our professional pics sometime next month.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and have a fabulous New Year!

My sister and nephew helping set up - she did an AWESOME job!

My mom snapped this while the photographer was working her magic

I never know what to do with my face in pictures

Seriously, I always look surprised (my co-worker/friend was copying me) LOL

End of the night.  My flask is filled with Nerds candies and that's a Pepsi Max in the can.
I was exhausted yet hyper all day.  :)